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This client is a dutch leading supplier of systems for securing loads. Every morning time is made for discussing the tendency and improvement points of the running projects. The current status of the team and projects was kept on a whiteboard, but historical data was getting lost over time.

An mobile app has been developed in which all data that were previously on the whiteboard can be entered. This data is stored in a central system, and is displayed directly on the dashboard on a TV.

Project Details

Client Cycklop BV Nederland

Deliverd 6 July 2018

Mobile App

The mobile app contains te following features:

  • Satisfaction of the team
  • Project satisfaction & waste
  • General improvements
  • Satisfaction about suppliers

Used techniques:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • React Native

Data managment

A web application has been created for the data management of the system. All parts of the app can be managed here. A dashboard has been created to provide directly insight into the current state of the team.

Used techniques:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • React

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