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Mobile apps

A life-sized experience on a small screen. For many the future, the norm for me. I think that mobile apps should have the same user-friendliness and impact as on a desktop. That’s why we build your mobile application together!

Software development

Together we can put together custom software, this is tailored specifically for your company and your processes. Together we are able to ensure that it fits seamlessly with the wishes so that you do not have to adapt the business process to the application; it has already been adapted to you.

3D Creation

An application for every industry. 3D simulation of a product or an educational application to give new insights. I also have experience with virtual reality: save time, convince effectively and create an unprecedented experiences. Use it for marketing, training or product presentation. The possibilities are endless.


When you make very specific demands for a website, it is possible that existing CMS systems such as WordPress are too restrictive. In that case, a customized website can offer a solution. I build these websites “from scratch” and therefore give the freedom to create any desired function.



I provide direct and clear communication, short lines and directly with your developer. Moreover, I work as structured and transparent as possible. That way you always know what I do, why I do it that way and where you stand in the process.


I am both technical and creative, always looking for the best solution for my clients. In doing so, I try to use the latest technology to build for the future. Good preparation is half the job.


Going live

After going live, further support may be required, then I am ready to help. To put together a beautiful end product!

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